A Wet And Wild Pool Party (No Pool Required)

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Having a birthday during the summer doesn't have to put a damper on your child's celebration. He or she might not be able to bring cupcakes into school, but the heat and humidity of the season shouldn't prevent the party from taking place. Just move it outside and make it wet — no pool required.

What child doesn't dream of spending the afternoon running through the sprinkler or jumping into the swimming pool (or blow-up pools, if you're not so lucky as to have a real pool in the backyard)? The hottest weeks of the summer are the perfect time host a wet and wild-themed party. With a couple of smart tips, fun games (that are sure to leave you wet), and some cool treats, you will ensure that all the guests leave happy.


Setting the Scene

As the kids will be spending most of the afternoon playing games and staying wet, setting the scene for your wet and wild party is easy. Hook up a sprinkler in the corner of the yard for whenever anyone wants to cool down.  When setting the table for lunch, be inspired by the bright colors of beach balls. Place a vase of zinnias in the middle of the table and choose plates and platters in punchy colors for the food. A couple of homemade piñatas hung over the table are sure to add additional color — and if you fill them with candy, the make for fun post-lunch activity that's dry. 


There is no need to have a swimming pool in your hard to have a wet and wild party. A couple of inflatable pools filled with water will surely make for hours of fun. Leave one for wading and fill another with floating ducks that the kids can race. Or make some magnetic fishing rods and set up a fishing pond in the third pool. Fishing for pennies, anyone?

To get kids in the competitive spirit, nothing quite beats a water balloon race. Instead of having the kids race each other, group them into relay teams so each runner has a cheering squad. All you need are balloons from your local party store and a slim faucet to fill up the balloons with.

Just when the kids can't get enough water, turn on the hose and set up this three-lane Slip 'n Slide. Pick up your own boogie board and see who can make it to the wall of water the fastest.



• Keep things cool by sticking with foods that can be served cool or at room temperature.

• Kids will love making and eating their own fruit kebabs — and as fruit naturally has high water content, they'll be staying hydrated, too. 

• Thin wedges of chicken and cheese quesadillas are sure to satisfy even the pickiest palates. Serve along with guacamole and salsa for dipping.

• Keep the dipping fun going by setting out a little bowls of creamy hummus and a cool cucumber tzatziki and serving it with a platter of mini carrots, blanched green beans, and summer squash sticks for something crunchy. 

• For dessert, stick with something cool like a wedge of watermelon cake or try making your own popsicles or ice cream


Goody Bags

Instead of bags of candy and little toys that are sure to break, send kids home with two things that they will actually use like colorful beach towels and plastic water bottles personalized with paint markers.