The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Make this your new go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe

This cookie gets crisp on the edges but stays soft in the center.

When a chocolate chip cookie claims to be “the ultimate” we believe it should be loaded with chocolate chips. And that’s exactly why we think this chocolate chip cookie recipe deserves the title. With three types of chocolate — dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate — this cookie promises warm, melted chocolate chips in every bite.

This cookie also has the perfect chocolate-chip-cookie texture; the edges crisp up slightly in the oven but the center stays soft, thanks to the addition of corn syrup and dark brown sugar. You can even store them for a few days at room temperature in an air-tight container without compromising their texture.

If you are a chocolate-chip-cookie connoisseur, we highly recommend you give this recipe a try — the texture, taste, and chocolate-to-cookie ratio is spot on. You could also use this as a base recipe for other chocolate chip cookie variations, but why mess with perfection?

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Kristie Collado is The Daily Meal’s Cook Editor. Follow her on Twitter @KColladoCook.