World's 10 Hardest Restaurant Reservations

Getting a dinner reservation at any good place can be tricky, but at these restaurants across the globe, it’s almost impossible

Reservations are especially tough at places with a small number of tables, like Talula's.

Let’s talk for a second about restaurant competitiveness. No, I’m not referring to different eateries vying to be the most popular or successful restaurant in their respective cities or countries, I’m talking about the competition that takes places between customers trying get a reservation at the most popular or successful restaurant in their respective cities or countries. (Nothing builds up an appetite like extended periods of dialing and redialing that reservation number or standing in line waiting for your table to open up, right?)

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But what else are you going to do? Not eat there? If a restaurant has made its mark as the hottest place around, it likely earned it through fantastic, high-quality food, a talented chef, pleasant atmosphere, and beautiful aesthetics — and thus there’s good reason to wait. At least that's what the hype would suggest.

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Still, some restaurants are so difficult to get into, one wonders who exactly these lucky folks are that manage to break through the gridlock and actually get seated — especially at the following restaurants, which are some of the hardest reservations to get in the world.