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A reservation at minibar is still very difficult to come by (you need to send them an email a couple of months ahead of time and keep your fingers crossed). Diners perch at two counters overlooking the kitchen, which The Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema called"suggestive of an operating theater when you factor in the chefs in their whites bending over dishes manipulated by tweezers, tongs, liquid nitrogen and cloches galore." Expect a "molecular gastronomy" experience filled with culinary hat tricks — edible rubber duckies, popcorn that smokes in your mouth, a churro made with veal tendon. Even with a price tag of $225 for 30 (mini) courses, it's a steal of a deal. The imaginative cuisine displayed at minibar scored chef José Andrés a 2011 James Beard Outstanding Chef Award. This year, Andrés opened the adjoining barmini, his “culinary cocktail lab” where more than 100 adventuresome cocktail creations adorn the menu and, according to Washington Post critic Tom Sietsema, is “home to some of the most fascinating liquids this city has ever sipped.”

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A Gourmet Celebration of American History. Today ends the one-year run of Jose Andres' patriotic pop-up America Eats Tavern. DC celebrants, be advised: this is the perfect place to take shelter from the heat on the Mall and revel in gourmet Americana. The concept behind America Eats... Read More

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