Top 20 Beach Bars in the Caribbean

Here are our favorite sandy spots to kick back with a cold one

Elvis' Beach Bar in Anguilla is a hot spot for celebrities.

Beach + Bar = Bliss.

In the Caribbean, that’s the formula responsible for hundreds of oceanfront watering holes ­– and twice as many wicked-but-worth-it hangovers. From the Bahamas to The Grenadines, here are our favorite sandy spots to kick back with a cold one.

Sandy Island in Anguilla

Why Go: Shell-studded sand, leaning palm trees, and low-slung hammocks are the draws on this islet five minutes’ boat ride from Sandy Ground. The giant Anguillian crayfish and JoJo’s potent rum punch are pretty compelling, too.

Hot Tip: Want Sandy to yourself? Pony up around $4000 (depending on the season) and the island will be your personal oyster.

Scilly Cay in Anguilla

Why Go: Eudoxie “Gorgeous” Wallace rules the roost at this shell-strewn islet where the specialty is the punch made with Mount Gay Eclipse rum and amaretto. At just $5 a cup it’s the bestseller – and Scilly sells as many as 600 a day.

Hot Tip: Split the $75 crayfish platter with a friend. Both your budget and your appetite will be appeased, and you’ll still have room for rum punch.