Airport security

15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Bring Through Airport Security

The TSA will let you take everything from handcuffs to cremated remains through their checkpoints
Airport security

You can bring mini liquor bottles, fresh eggs, and espresso makers through TSA and on board aircraft.

Although they may occasionally seem like a pain, the Transport Security Administration’s rules are enforced to keep travelers safe in the airport and in the sky. No, your bottle of half-finished water probably isn’t posing a national security threat, but as far as air travel goes, it’s way better to be safe than any form of sorry.


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However, there are many items that you probably haven’t been packing because you didn’t know that you can actually take them through security. From mini bottles of alcohol to bowling balls, there's a whole list of items that you may be surprised to find get TSA approval. Feel free to save room in your checked bag for souvenirs and throw your animal antlers and bread machine in your carry-on, simply because you can.


Keep in mind, though, that although these items are listed as approved on the TSA official website, what actually gets the okay at any given airport at any given time is up to the TSA officers on duty. That’s only one of the 15 things your TSA agent won’t tell you (but that you need to know).



Read on to learn what you can safely bring aboard.