15 Things Your TSA Agent Won’t Tell You (But That You Need to Know)

Here are some secrets of what it’s like to work on the other side of the airport security line


Next time you go through security, keep these things in mind. 

When it comes to the Transportation Security Administration and their officers, most people aren’t exactly fans. The process of getting through airport security is long, and many find it to be unnecessarily invasive — especially when it comes to how much of a person’s body is shown when going through body scanners and how people feel about pat-downs. People have such strong feelings toward the TSA that some officers find it easier to fib about the true nature of their job than just state that they’re a TSA agent at an airport.

Slideshow: 15 Things Your TSA Agent Won’t Tell You (But That You Need to Know)

Sure, the job can drag on. So officers come up with codes for attractive (and annoying) people in the security lines, but at the end of the day they’re just trying to do their jobs and get through the day, much like the rest of us. And they didn’t develop these methods, nor did they create the scanner. They are merely following directions and abiding by their training.


Additional reporting by Matt Sulem

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