25 Crazy Facts About Airplane Food

25 Crazy Facts About Airplane Food

This won’t put you off airline food entirely, but it might make you think twice about what you order

Frequent flyers tend to have a love-hate relationship with airplane food. While in-flight meals often get a bad rep, it still stands that many airlines distinguish themselves from others through their on-board offerings. Some airlines have the absolute worst food, whereas others are more tolerable. The difference in food is also often a big reason why some people choose to fly business or first class instead of economy.

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Most airlines work hard to make sure their passengers are as comfortable as possible, and food is a big part of that. The U.K.’s Monarch Airlines has worked to create food to de-stress their passengers, and American air carriers have started to make moves such as serving free wine to everyone or offering better coffee brands on board. Airline catering is so vital to the business that a lot goes into it, so if you care about what you eat mid-air, here are 25 crazy facts about airplane food.