The Purple Wall At Magic Kingdom Got A Signature Drink

Anyone with an Instagram account knows the must-have shot at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom isn't with Mickey Mouse or in front of Cinderella's Castle. It's all about the Purple Wall. What seems like an everyday concrete wall in Tomorrowland has caught on as a trendy photo opportunity. After repainting the wall earlier this year and releasing Purple Wall-themed merchandise, Disney has taken the next logical step in Purple Wall madness: a signature drink, inspired by the viral spot.

The Purple Wall Slushy debuted at the Tomorrowland Terrace on May 21. The practically perfect purple beverage is a taro tea slush with tapioca Boba pearls, whipped cream, and purple sprinkles that perfectly match the wall's geometric purple design. It costs $5.99.

It did not take long for the bubble tea to catch on at the theme park. In less than 24 hours,Β Instagram users were flocking to Tomorrowland and the Purple Wall for the perfect snapshot.



Walt Disney World sure knows how to capitalize on a viral trend. The Purple Wall Slushy isn't the first time they've latched on to something Insta-worthy. Last year, after rose gold ears took over the Magic Kingdom, rose gold cupcakes debuted at the theme parks, later spawning rose gold churros and a rose gold margarita. More recently, millennial pink has taken over the parks, with milkshakes, cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, cocktails, and chocolates available in the shade. And while these treats are certainly an amazing reason to visit the parks, they pale in comparison to the best Disney park attractions of all time.