New Cruise Ships Making Their Debut in 2016

Here are 8 new cruise ships that took or will take their maiden voyage in 2016, with the best reasons to try them out yourself

Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas isn't just the largest cruise ship debuting in 2016, it's currently the largest in the world.

If you’ve ever cruised before, you’ve probably encountered some enthusiastic cruiseaholics on your journeys. These aren’t the people who have just been on a handful of ship trips, but folks (generally retired) who have taken dozens of cruises in their lifetimes, and go on multiple vacations every year. Heck, some people even live on cruise ships.

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Though this all may sound like overkill, it’s important to remember that going on a cruise isn’t like taking a trip to the same city or town every vacation, as each ship offers numerous ports of call, can change itineraries each year or season, and constantly offers updates and renovations to the onboard restaurants, bars, staterooms, shows, and activities.

And then there are the new ships that debut each year. With over 50 major cruise lines out there — each with multiple vessels — there’s always another newcomer to try, and experiencing every ship in the world is almost an impossible feat. Plus, by the time you get to all of them, the old ones will have changed or will have been replaced by another.


In 2016 alone, there are at least eight new ships on major lines from AIDA and Carnival to Royal Caribbean and Viking. We explored eight of these wonders of the ocean, most of which are larger and more luxurious than anything ever seen before. Here’s what we already have and what to look forward to this year on the high seas.