The 15 Germiest Spots In Your Hotel Room

Hotels look clean, but they can be some of the grimiest, most bacteria-infested places you visit on vacation. Yes, they could even be worse than a gas station bathroom.

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While you're enjoying your pricey hotel room to the fullest, you likely are smearing your face all over the hotel's pillows, towels, and washcloths. You let your children play on the floor, use the hotel's cups and dishes, and fall asleep on top of a questionably clean bedspread. Unless you're deep-cleaning every surface in sight on your own, this is all seriously ill-advised and probably so much grosser than you think.

After you read this breakdown of the most infested surfaces, you might want to just ditch the hotel altogether and stay at an Airbnb. It doesn't matter how pretty the hotel is — it could be one of the prettiest in the world, but it still probably hasn't updated its cleaning standards to account for the recent research on germs and spreading sickness.

During your vacation, the last thing you want is to expose your family to dangerous germs. Not only is it revolting to think about sharing the spit of your room's previous tenants, it's also putting you at risk for diseases such as norovirus and other contagious illnesses. To keep clean for the length of your stay, avoid getting too cozy with these 15 especially germy spots.

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