This Airport Restaurant Is So Exclusive That Passengers Don't Even Know Its Location

At Classified, there are only 36 seats and the menu serves world-class food with steep price tags, plus bottles of wine costing $500 or more. Its high-flying guest list has included CEOs and celebrities such as Madonna, but it's the location that's drawn people's attention, as the restaurant is, well, classified.

All we know about this fine dining establishment, which opened in late August of last year, is that it's located somewhere in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport. United Airlines, in collaboration with airport restaurant company OTG Management, established the restaurant, which is invite-only — and no one really knows just how one scores an invite.

"There's not one perspective or one way we look at the invitation list," United Airlines vice president of Newark operations Rick Hoefling told CBS news. "Right now that's classified and it does remain a secret."

Invitees must be United MileagePlus passengers, and those who are selected will receive an email invitation to make a reservation. It is only after making the reservation that the passenger is given instructions on how to find Classified and approach its host for access.

Menu items have reportedly included their signature dishes, a 42-ounce tomahawk steak and a chili lobster, as well as chicken biscuit sandwiches, oysters, shrimp salad, crab cakes, and all other kinds of top-quality seafood dishes as well as many expensive drinks and cocktails.

Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG Management, claims that the restaurant's elitism was not the intended goal but rather just how things turned out.

"We wanted to create a really unique space that's kind of out of the way, little bit of a speakeasy... somewhere where you can just enjoy a great meal, listen to some nice music, have a delicious glass of wine, take it easy, get yourself away from everything else," he told CBS News.

If you're a United MileagePlus customer that hasn't received an invitation but would like to, you can try logging into their reservation page to see if you're one of the selected members who can make a reservation. If you're not, the page will still ask you if you'd like to join their waiting list, although United has not revealed how long this list is. In the meantime, we suggest you plan a flight through one of these airports where layovers are actually kind of fun.