12 Things Every Savvy Traveler Should Always Pack

These travel essentials will prepare you for any situation that may arise


If you're preparing for your next trip, be sure you have these items first. 

Depending on where you’re traveling, your packing list will vary when it comes to wardrobe — cold-weather destinations will require layers and long johns, whereas warm-weather destinations will call for bathing suits and flip flops. But there are a few items you’ll need regardless of the climate.


Slideshow: 12 Things Every Savvy Traveler Should Always Pack


You can get through your vacation without any of these items, of course, but the experience will be much smoother if you have them available. For instance, just because you take a spare shirt in your carry-on doesn’t mean you’ll need it, but if you’re separated from your luggage for a day or so upon arrival to your destination you’ll be happy you have something fresh to change into after a shower. This is also true of a small emergency kit with ibuprofen and band aids. Savvy travelers always plan for the worst and hope for the best (particularly when it comes to air travel) because, at the end of the day, travel plans can change at a whim, and you want to be prepared for any situation you may be faced with.

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