Beyond Eggs Benedict: 4 Globally Inspired Brunch Ideas for Mom

Go against the grain this Mother’s Day and try something as dynamic and interesting as she is

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Try Ethiopian food this Mother's Day.

It’s notoriously difficult to get a Mother’s Day brunch reservation, especially if you’ve been too busy to plan in advance. But why opt for a crowded, standard Mother’s Day brunch when you can shake things up this year with a different experience? We’re not talking about shaking up boozy Mother’s Day cocktails at home, though that, too, is highly recommended. We’re suggesting that you celebrate Mother’s Day on the road less taken — you’re sure to have an interesting experience and delicious foods to boot.

Here are four (of many, many) cuisines you can try out this Mother’s Day, either at home or at restaurants near you.

Ethiopian Food

Ethiopian food, which is growing more and more popular in the United States, is an excellent brunch option because it is a very communal experience. It typically consists of spicy vegetable or meat specialties served on a large, thin disc of sourdough flatbread. Rip off pieces of the bread to dip into the dishes until there is nothing left. Find an Ethiopian restaurant near you or make some ambasha, kitfo, or the classic breakfast dish fitfit.

German Food

Why not celebrate Mom in the convivial ambiance of a beer garden? Sure, you don’t normally associate Mom with beer and sausages — no pun intended, really — but conventionality is boring. Over currywurst, pretzels, fries, and a refreshing pilsner, no Mother’s Day, or any day, really, could be boring. Don’t know where to go? Start with our list of the 12 Best Beer Gardens in America.

High Tea

Get posh this Mother’s Day by cutting your sandwiches into little triangles, spreading clotted cream on your scones, and holding your pinky out as you sip your cup of tea. The key is to have a tiered centerpiece and ornate china, especially if you’re going for a Downton Abbey effect. There are plenty of creative ways to impress Mom with high tea, too, whether you set it up at home or find a nice salon near you.

South Indian Food

If your mom is vegetarian or vegan, the best brunch you can treat her to is a traditional South Indian breakfast. Sip chai tea and eat dosas — lentil crepes with various fillings, from spiced potatoes to gunpowder masala to just plain old butter — with your hands. Almost all South Indian breakfast food is vegetarian or vegan, but that’s as a result of hundreds of years of tradition, not any kind of diet fad. In other words, you will eat decadently. If you want to stay at home, turn the tables around and make Mom’s Indian Milk Fudge for your mom.  

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