6 Mother's Day Brunch Cocktail Ideas

Spirited recipes for breakfast-in-bed drinks

Bringing Mom breakfast in bed is a long-standing Mother's Day tradition for many families.

But with all the planning required for a successful Mother's Day brunch at home — deciding between French toast and pancakes or Eggs Benedict and the perfect omelette, and wondering how to let the kids "help out" with minor incidentals — it can be easy to overlook the cocktail portion of the meal.

Don't do that. She's worked hard and done so much for, after all, the least you can do on this special day is reward her with a well-mixed drink. Below are six favorite boozy brunch cocktail recipes perfect for showing Mom just how much you appreciate her.


Fresh Tangerine Mimosas

For moms with a palate that skews more toward the traditional, stick with the tough-to-improve-upon brunch classic: mimosas. This winning rendition features freshly squeezed tangerine juice and recommends subbing in Italian prosecco for the usual champagne.


Pear Bellini

Bring a smile to Mom's face with this inspired concoction that mixes pear juice with Poire William liqueur. Topped with a lively bubbly, this is a cocktail that's easy to make, and even easier to drink.


Brandy Milk Punch

If you're aiming to impress Mom with a decadent breakfast-in-bed experience, opt for this classic New Orleans brunch cocktail. The recipe, shared by Café Adelaide's renowned bartender Lu Brow, combines brandy, simple syrup, vanilla extract, milk, and nutmeg for what is easily the best glass of boozy milk you'll ever taste. 

Bleeding Mary

The name may sound a little gruesome, but for moms who prefer something a little more savory in the brunch cocktail department, there's no beating this creative spin on the classic bloody mary. The recipe features bloody mary mix ice cubes, and their red color "bleeds" into the vodka as they melt, creating a dazzling drink that changes with every passing moment. 


Serrano Cocktail

Don't let the name fool you — there's no dry-cured Spanish ham or firey chile peppers included in this cocktail recipe. Rather, the delightful drink, created by cocktail wizard Tony Abou-Ganim, is a harmonious blend of Campari, limoncello, vodka, and freshly squeezed orange juice — the ideal apéritif to kick off a special Mother's Day brunch.


Champagne Margaritas

Margaritas in the morning? Sure, why not — Mom's earned it! This bubbly rendition from celebrity chef Rick Bayless uses fresh lime juice, Cointreau, tequila, and a splash of chilled sparkling wine. Serve them with these firey green chilaquiles or tasty breakfast burritos to complete the meal. 

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