The Best Cupcakes In Every State

Cupcakes might not be the "it" dessert any more, but that doesn't make them any less tasty. We still want to know: Which ones are the tastiest in each state? That's a tall order, as the only true way to evaluate a cupcake is by stuffing it in your face, and taste preferences can obviously vary from person to person.

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So instead of just this factor, we've also added a couple more criteria to the evaluation of these tasty, frosting covered treats. Menu variety was the first thing we looked at, followed by presentation. Rankings were determined based upon consistency and artistic creativity. We looked at social media as well, tabulating the numbers of followers these bake shops have as an indication of how engaged they were with their communities — and vice versa. We then turned to online review sites to help us determine just how satisfied customers were with their cupcake experience. And the last factor was editorial discretion, which took the preceding criteria into consideration along with culinary value and variety.

Only one place per state could make the list (plus Washington, D.C., because America!), and here are our results.

Matt Sulem contributed to this roundup.