9 Must-Visit International Restaurants in the Middle of Nowhere

These 9 places are well worth trying, but getting to them can mean a long trip — and not just because they’re in other countries
9 Must-Visit International Restaurants in the Middle of Nowhere

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The Old Forge is one of two Scotland restaurants on this list.

Recently, we did an article on 20 must-visit U.S. restaurants in the middle of nowhere. It was quite the undertaking. After all, the main goal was not just to find solid restaurants in locations with small local populations far from urban centers, but also ones without that aren’t overrun by tourists. And where there aren’t a lot of people, there aren’t a lot of Yelp or TripAdvisor reviews, there aren’t a lot of writers from big publications willing to make the long trip, and in some cases, there aren’t websites for the businesses at all. (Is there even Internet access in some of these places?!)

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The present article, which is about international restaurants, was even more difficult. As remote as some areas of the United States are, there’s an enormous world out there, and attempting to search every corner of it is no easy task. And some of these obscure corners aren’t as obscure as one might think. Even teeny tiny islands in the middle of the ocean sometimes have populations in the tens of thousands.

However, there were some advantages this time around. The big one was that due to the much larger restaurant sample size, we were allowed to be pickier when it comes to the quality and level of obscurity. In other words: More countries means more restaurants, which means more competition.

In the end, we are left with a list of nine eateries, and all of them qualify as “must-visit” restaurants. The only hard part is getting there.

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