24 Best College Towns in America for Food

Even the top colleges in the country need a solid town to call home; for food lovers, these are the 24 best locations

Neal's Deli is just one of the numerous tasty eateries in Chapel Hill, N.C.

When high school students start applying to college, their future degree and quality of education should come first and foremost. Of course, it’s also important to remember that not all 24 hours of every day will be spent in a classroom or library. After all, students need to eat at some point! Although campus meal plans (when available) offer most of the sustenance necessary to make it through the day, getting out to explore the surrounding town and everything it has to offer is crucial as well.

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A former college man myself (Go Gamecocks!), I can personally attest to the fact that students should have a solid list of go-to joints for pizza, burgers, and late-night bites and early morning coffees (for when you’re out late “studying”), as well as a few places to keep in your back pocket for Family Weekend. (That homely spot with the awesome wings might feel perfect to you, but your folks probably want to picture you dining in a spot where you’re not encouraged to throw your peanut shells right on the floor.)


With this in mind, we searched the country for towns that offer a wide variety and ample amount of dining options best suited for students and their wants and needs during several years of schooling. Using reviews from diners and food critics, information from sites like Spoon University, published lists of the best college towns, and our own knowledge and expertise of local dining, we narrowed all the options down to this: the 24 best college towns in America.