The 13 Silliest Travel Gadgets Ever Created

From wearable luggage to portable chopsticks, these are the most ridiculous travel items out there

The ostrich pillow looks about as silly as it is. 

People are continuously trying to find ways to make the chaos and discomfort of travel easier. They’re also trying to make life easier with tech gadgets and functional gear, but at what point does the innovation become silly? Just because an idea sounds clever doesn’t exactly mean it’s necessary.


Slideshow: The 13 Silliest Travel Gadgets Ever Created 


Take the handheld black light, for example. Intended to check your hotel room’s cleanliness, it’s not going to change the fact that hotels are gross and you don’t know who has stayed in the room before you. If you really want to know this information, then you’re a brave soul.


Then there are items like the Jaktogo, which enables its users to wear luggage items instead of carrying them. Another product that sounds ideal, until you see it and realize it’s an awkward, bulky piece of clothing that will immediately call attention to your person in any airport security line.



There are plenty of bizarre travel items out there, but here are a few more of the absolute silliest: