The 12 Geekiest Bars and Restaurants Around the World

We're all geeks about something, and at these 12 eateries you can find your ultimate niche

The decor at Lebowski Bar in Iceland rings true to the film.

If you’re not a geek about something nowadays, you probably just haven’t discovered your “thing.” Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock — there are countless cult followings of television shows, classic books, comics, plays, and movies. Even William Shakespeare had a loyal following in the theatre community always waiting to see what he’d come up with next. Film companies remake the storylines of famous comic book heroes, Lord of the Rings bumper stickers find their way onto many a car, and people won’t stop pinning new Harry Potter tattoos on Pinterest. And when a love of shows and books is combined with love of food, it makes for a truly magical experience. Since die-hard fans seek the ultimate all-inclusive experience no matter where it is, we’ve outlined the best restaurant or bar for whatever you “geek out” about, from Jules Verne to Dr. Who. Our list is perfect for members of any fandom who want an immersive escape a world away.

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Action Burger (Brooklyn)

Action Burger & BIO-Sapien Comics / Facebook

This burger joint claims to be America’s first comic book/science fiction themed restaurant, and with alcoholic milkshakes served on comic-decorated tabletops, over hundreds of Nintendo games, and 250 old-school arcade games on offer, it doesn’t disappoint. It’s even open until four a.m. on weekends for night owls. As you peruse comic books at your table, choose between “villain food” and “hero food” — and “power up” your Action Burger with different toppings like guacamole or kimchi.  

Alice in Magic Land (Tokyo, Japan)


“Eat me” and “drink me” are requisites for all the menu options at this Alice in Wonderland-themed restaurant in Tokyo, since most choices stick with the theme — there’s pizza modeled after the Cheshire Cat’s tail and pasta arranged into the shape of a cat’s face. But it’s not just the food that’s a draw: this unique eatery has a chandelier made of hearts, mammoth books making up a hostess stand, and even its own Queen of Hearts-inspired “forest maze” inside the restaurant. We wouldn’t be surprised if you ran into the Mad Hatter.