101 Best Bars in the World for 2016

Let us raise our glasses to (and at) the best bars on Planet Earth

The Blue Gin Bar in Monaco is just one of the 101 finalists.

There are a lot of different types of people in this crazy world of ours, but one thing almost all of us have in common is that we enjoy knocking back a few beverages at the local bar from time to time. And by “local” we mean both near your home or wherever your business or pleasure travels have taken you. (If you’re not a drinker, that’s cool; we at The Daily Meal apparently do some food articles, too.)

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Thus, we have set out to find the most iconic bars, famous pubs, and legendary cocktail lounges outside the United States — both new and old. (Nothing against America, but we recently did The Best Bar in Every State, so be sure to check that out if you’re looking for something more domestic.) The list includes everything from dive bars to taverns to tiki bars, but does not include nightclubs or establishments that function predominantly as live music venues — although bars that happen to feature live music or DJs were considered and included.

As for criteria, we considered the drink selection and presentation, quality of the mixology, professionalism and personality of the staff, and the overall décor and ambiance — and we relied on a number of sources to evaluate this. Since an article like this is very subjective, we started by looking at some of the highest-rated bars on sites such as Yelp and TripAdvisor, as well as examining different lists of the best bars around the world compiled by others. Of course, this was coupled with our own experience and expertise (and when it comes to bars, we probably have a bit too much experience). Finally, we posted a survey asking you, the reader, to submit your favorite bars for consideration so we didn’t miss anyone.

The result is this: A through and detailed list of the 101 best bars in the world. We can't say we're surprised at the number of finalists from London, but the amount that made their way into the top 20 is definitely noteworthy. London has always been one of the best drinking towns in the world, and it seems not much has changed on that front.

If you happen to disagree with any of the results and feel your favorite was left off, we apologize. In the end, the best bar is probably whatever one you happen to find yourself sitting in. However, if you have the opportunity, try to grab a stool or seat at one of these.


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