10 Foods They Eat In Croatia Slideshow

10 Foods They Eat in Croatia

Croatia is known for its incredible castles and coastlines, but Croatian cuisine is also worthy of noting: It's a blend of ingredients, traditions, and cultures. Cuisine along the country's Dalmatian Coast is primarily Mediterranean with Italian influences, while further inland, dishes are influenced by Hungarian and Austrian styles of cooking due to the nobility that used to occupy the many castles around the country. Coastline cuisine is marked by the tradition of families cooking meals together in a bell-shaped oven called a peka, which proponents say steams and adds to the flavor of meats like turkey, pork, or lamb. And since seafood can be found so fresh, many popular dishes incorporate it. For example, brodet is a Croatian stew made with a variety of types of fish and is often served at Christmastime.

We've rounded up 10 Croatian foods travelers to the country shouldn't miss. If you're feeling adventurous while cooking your next weekend dinner, consider paying homage to the country's cuisine with one of these spotlighted dishes.

Bakalar S Krumpirom

Bakalar s krumpirom, or dried cod with potatoes, is a typical Croatian Christmas dish enjoyed near the coast. It's also popular during Lent and other religious holidays. Chopped garlic, onion, and parsley make appearances in the recipe.


This Croatian fish stew, which usually includes eel, monkfish, sea bass, and shrimp, is served with rice or polenta. The dish also includes potatoes, leeks, onion, and white wine.


These fried pastry balls originate in Dalmatia, on the country's coast, and are made with brandy and raisins. These sweets, which are topped with powdered sugar, are traditionally served around Christmastime.

Knedle Sa Sljivama

Many restaurant dessert menus include knedle sa sljivama, or potato dumplings stuffed with plums. Other ingredients include cinnamon and vanilla extract.


These baked noodles are often made in northern Croatia, particularly in the regions of Zagreb and Zagorje. The dish takes about two hours to prepare and is usually paired with turkey or duck.


Palačinke, or Croatian crepes with varying sweet filings, are a popular dessert. They're typically made with salted butter, milk, and sugar, but are often filled with cheese for a savory version.


This dish is popular in the coastal region of Dalmatia even though it doesn't contain seafood. The dish consists of beef seasoned with bacon and covered in an herb-and-vegetable sauce. Pašticada is often served alongside gnocchi.


Sarma, or cabbage leaves filled with minced meat, is another popular Croatian dish. Although it typically contains minced meat, other fillings include chopped garlic, parsley, and rice.

Scampi Buzara

This dish comes from the north Adriatic Sea and consists of shrimp in their shells with tomato sauce, combined with garnishes like shallots, garlic, and parsley.


This popular breakfast dish is similar to polenta, but is usually made with buckwheat flour. Toppings include sour cream, cheese, bacon, or yogurt.