10 Foods They Eat in Croatia

The country has beautiful coastlines, but its cuisine is just as incredible


Traveling to Croatia or just wishing you were? Check out some of the country’s delicious signature dishes.

Croatia is known for its incredible castles and coastlines, but Croatian cuisine is also worthy of noting: It’s a blend of ingredients, traditions, and cultures. Cuisine along the country’s Dalmatian Coast is primarily Mediterranean with Italian influences, while further inland, dishes are influenced by Hungarian and Austrian styles of cooking due to the nobility that used to occupy the many castles around the country.

Coastline cuisine is marked by the tradition of families cooking meals together in a bell-shaped oven called a peka, which proponents say steams and adds to the flavor of meats like turkey, pork, or lamb. And since seafood can be found so fresh, many popular dishes incorporate it. For example, brodet is a Croatian stew made with a variety of types of fish and is often served at Christmastime.


We’ve rounded up 10 Croatian foods travelers to the country shouldn’t miss. If you’re feeling adventurous while cooking your next weekend dinner, consider paying homage to the country’s cuisine with one of these spotlighted dishes.