Two Police Officers Suspended After Allegedly Eating Marijuana Edibles On Duty

A Canadian marijuana dispensary was raided over the weekend, but now it's the police officers who are allegedly being investigated. Two Toronto police officers allegedly ate some marijuana edibles seized during the raid. Then they allegedly called for help after having an unpleasant experience after eating the marijuana and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment. The two officers have reportedly been suspended.

According to CBC News' Amara McLaughlin, two police officers were reportedly on duty and parked in a police car near the police station when they allegedly ate some marijuana edibles on Sunday, January 28. The marijuana edibles are reportedly suspected to have been taken from the raid on the Community Cannabis Clinic marijuana dispensary that weekend. It's not clear whether or not the police officers were part of that raid, though.

Canada is expected to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018. Recreational marijuana was legalized in California at the beginning of the year, and Jack in the Box even started selling "Merry Munchie Meals" for $4.20 to celebrate. A California winery even took the alcohol out of wine and replaced it with THC in an attempt to make a hangover-free high. It does not sound like these officers had a very good time after eating the marijuana-laced edibles, though. They allegedly started hallucinating, and one reportedly called in that an officer was in need of assistance.

They were both allegedly taken to a hospital for treatment, but they've since been suspended and a investigation is reportedly underway.

According to Global News, another officer was reportedly injured after allegedly slipping on ice while responding to the call. A representative for the police said two officers were under investigation, but would not confirm any of the details while the investigation is still underway. For more news from Canada, check out 10 things only Canadians say.