Too Good To Be True Diet Trends And What You Should Try Instead

"I'm on a diet;" common words heard spoken from another's mouth, especially at the start of a new year. While dieting to lose weight will never fade, diet trends come and go.  These days, between Atkins, Jenny, and the Cave Man, there are more and more weight loss programs to choose from, and sometimes the truth behind each one can get lost in the shuffle.

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Human beings' bodies all work in different and mysterious ways, but there is one thing that we thrive on when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle: food. Along with exercise and dietary supplements, most popular diet trends revolve around developing a strategy for eating the right foods that will help you lose weight, but the truth is that some of them don't work, and that's where The Daily Meal's Cook editors come in. To help you decide what food diets are right for you, we asked some of the country's leading nutritionists to weigh in on popular diet trends and inform us when some are, quite literally, too good to be true.

Bacon lovers:  did your eyes light up and taste buds sing when you heard about the Atkins diet? We're sorry to have to tell you that the meat-heavy diet is only effective in the short-term. Think you're doing yourself a favor when you skip the pasta at dinner? You may be avoiding some heavy carbs, but you're also missing out on important and essential nutrients, too. From longstanding diets that you know well (and very well could have tried) to under the radar ones that are just arriving on the scene, our experts shared their thoughts on each one and told us which were in, and which were out. If you're starting out 2013 on an optimistic note and are looking to shed some pounds this year, make sure you know which diets you should be avoiding. 

Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce