Sugar Cookie Milk From Target Lets You Drink Your Dessert

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Sugar cookies and milk go perfectly together, so why not combine the two in the same beverage? The two items most commonly left out for Santa are served up in one tasty liquid thanks to Sugar Cookie Milk, now being sold at Target.

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The sweet sipper is from Target's own private label Market Pantry, and sells for $2.49 a quart. Target didn't immediately respond to a request for comment about how long it'll be available, but judging by the waving Santa Claus and holiday-decorated red carton, we'd say you can expect it through Christmas.

One Instagram user created a sugar cookie supernova, combining the milk with Sugar Coookie Crunch cereal, which is also available this holiday season for a limited time.

"Was it sugar cookie overload?" wrote the user, who goes by phatphood. "Nah, it was pure bowl to face satisfaction."

You can also branch out your milk moods with other unusually flavored milks. Target sells a Maple Pecan Milk and a Chocolate Mint Milk as well. Whether or not Sugar Cookie Milk, or any flavored milk, is your cup of tea, check out the top store-bought chocolate-chip cookies, ranked.