Starbucks Might Be Releasing A Zombie Frappuccino For Halloween

Starbucks has been delighting customers with a seemingly endless string of super-sweet novelty Frappuccinos all year. 2017 has seen Mermaid Frappuccinos and Unicorn Frappuccinos that were so colorful and labor-intensive they gave baristas nightmares. There was even a Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino for everyone who was over the rainbow food trend. Now Starbucks is allegedly about to roll out a new Zombie Frappuccino in time for Halloween, so get ready to terrorize your baristas.

A blog called Day of the Human, reportedly written by a former Starbucks barista, leaked the info about a Zombie Frappuccino that will allegedly debut as a limited-time item from October 26 through October 31, or while supplies last.

The Zombie Frappuccino will reportedly be made with a cream Frappuccino base blended with green caramel apple powder and pink powder to make it bright green and colorful "like a cartoon zombie." It's topped with pink whipped cream designed to look like brains, and a pink mocha drizzle on top.

Starbucks has not yet confirmed the existence of any Halloween specials, but Starbucks baristas on Twitter have been moaning about a colorful new drink that is giving them flashbacks to the summer's Unicorn Frappuccinos that left them covered with sparkly rainbow powder for days.

Real or not, the Zombie Frappucino certainly seems to have zombie fans excited and baristas trembling. It will reportedly be available on October 26, and anyone who really wants one should plan to get one early in case they run out. In case they do, check out Starbucks' secret menu items to order an even rarer drink.

H/t Grub Street