Soy-Free Foods to Embrace

On a soy-free diet? Here are some foods to try out

As a vegan food blogger, one popular comment I get from my readers is that they are trying to cut back on soy products. Some of them are even giving their diets "soy-free" status. If you are taking a more soy-free approach to your diet, there are a few foods out there that can fill the void of soy, like mushrooms, coconut, nuts, and more. Today, I’m sharing soy-alternative ingredients for you to embrace.

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Yes, soy is plentiful nowadays — you can get soy milk at almost any coffee joint in place of dairy, tofu is a common vegan option at restaurants, and soy is found in some dairy-free buttery spread and "fake meat" products. But recently, soy alternatives are gaining in popularity. Some coffee shops now have almond milk options. Pea and hemp protein powders are a popular alternative to "soy protein" powders in smoothie mixes, and more. So all you soy-free curious eaters out there, here are some key foods to embrace if you are moving away from too much soy in your diet.

These nine ingredients offer alternatives to soy-based foods, all while staying plant-based and vegan.


— Kathy Patalsky, Babble