Somebody Composed an Asparagus Opera

And they're performing it tonight with an asparagus dinner at Harvard's Graduate School of Design

First somebody predicts the future with asparagus, and now a composer has gone and created an entire asparagus opera.

Grub Street Boston reports that composer Ben Houge and chef Jason Bond (Bondir) have teamed up to perform "Food Opera: Four Asparagus Compositions" for one night at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

On the menu? "Hot white Asparagus Soup, Togarashi Marshmallow, Nori Powder, Miso-hazelnuts." That may be the song, or the dish, or both.

Bond will provide an asparagus-themed dinner for invited guests, while Houge's music supposedly enhances the experience. "We're definitely emphasizing the woody element of asparagus with the cello and marimba," Houge told Grub Street.  "The togarishi is evoked by the sparkling, chiming quality of the high crotales. I think the marimba pattern also has a kind of rolling, liquid quality to it." Head over to Grub Street to hear "Hot White Asparagus Soup."