So Many Summer Berries and What to Bake with Them

With summer comes the abundance of all kinds of delicious berries, so let’s get baking

Here's 10 baking recipes for your summer berries.

Whether you live in an urban setting or a rural one, there’s one thing you’ll see an abundance of over the summer, and that’s berries. For those living in the country and surrounded by green, you might see them poking out of bushes lining a path through the forest, and for those in a city, you probably walk by them piled in cartons and resting on a table at your local farmers’ market stand. No matter where you are this summer — whether it’s a suburb, a city, or sprawling fields — you’re probably seeing a lot of beautiful pink, blue, and red berries out and ready for the taking.

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And take, we do. It could be on the way to work when you make an impulse buy, or simply stocking the fridge for the week, but time and time again there’s usually a surplus of summer berries lying around, and there’s no need for them to go to waste. While perfectly delicious picked straight from the stem, drizzled in sugar, or zested in lemon, berries are also great for baking. Whether it’s adding them to a traditional flour and sugar recipe, topping a baked biscuit with freshly cut berries, or slightly tweaking an old recipe, like cheesecake, berries seem to make some of our favorite baking recipes better.

To show you what we mean, we’ve highlighted three of our favorite summer berries — strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries — with 10 easy, beautiful, and delicious recipes. These three berries are, what you could say, the most valuable players on the summer berry team. They’re easy to get a hold of all year round, but despite that, you’ll never appreciate their beauty like you really should until you try them during the summer.

These recipes span from the traditional, like classic strawberry shortcake, to the nontraditional, like using fresh summer blueberries to recreate a breakfast favorite, Pop-Tarts. And while we chose to highlight our favorite three berries, these recipes are easily adaptable for any kind of berries that you’ve got on hand. Get out your apron and your flour, because it’s time to bake with some berries. 


Anne Dolce is the Cook editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce