A Sneak Peek At Starbucks' Newest Drink: The Hazelnut Macchiato

We were right about those rumors: This week, Starbucks is premiering the Hazelnut Macchiato, a sibling to their very popular Caramel Macchiato. It's about time there was a new addition on the menu to the macchiato family: the caramel macchiato is 16 years old, and one of the most ordered drinks on the Starbucks menu. "Two out of every five drinks that is ordered [is a] caramel macchiato," said Angel Nieves, a barista at the New York City Times Square Starbucks location.

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We got a sneak peek at the new drink, and hazelnut fans will rejoice. If you're a fan of the gooey, caramel drizzle on top of your iced and hot Caramel Macchiatos, you'll drool over the hazelnut sauce that's carefully drizzled on top of your Hazelnut Macchiato. The secret to the drink? The gooey hazelnut sauce to start, a kick of espresso, and a finish of vanilla flavor.

Nieves, who usually orders a triple venti upside-down (meaning he pours the espresso in first, then the milk) caramel macchiato, is no stranger to the Hazelnut Macchiato. He shows us why everyone will go nuts (get it?) over the new Hazelnut Macchiato (and the iced version and Frappuccino version, too!). Need more inspiration for your morning coffee break? Find out how to order the best drink on the menu, or better yet — check out the Starbucks secret menu for a real treat.