Shake Shack Adds A Few New Items To Its Citi Field, Nationals Park Menus

The Shake Shack outpost nestled inside New York's Citi Field, home of the Mets, is one of the most popular dining destinations at the ballpark (if not the most popular). Same goes for the one inside Nationals Park, in Washington, D.C. There's something about the simple combination of Pat LaFrieda beef with a super-thick milkshake (or Concrete) and fries that make it the ultimate ballpark food. The company told us today that heading into the 2013 season, a few new items will be joining the menu.

High Heat Cheese Dog: A hot dog topped with Shack cheese sauce and chopped cherry peppers.

High Heat Cheese Fries: French fries topped with Shack cheese sauce and chopped cherry peppers.

Meet the Pretz Concrete (only at Citi Field): Black and white frozen custard, malt powder, and chocolate-covered pretzels.

At Citi Field, the outpost of Blue Smoke has also added plenty of new items to their menu. There's now a chopped beef brisket sandwich topped with a spicy Kansas City-style sauce, as well as sides including cornbread and pit beans with pulled pork. For those looking to mix and match, they've rolled out Barbecue Platters: fans can choose two out of pulled pork, beef brisket, or spare ribs, with cornbread and pit beans on the side.