Serious Questions on Cosmo’s Food Sex Tips

How does one ever look at a spatula the same way again?

Terrible ways to incorporate food into your sexy times.

Let’s just preface this story by saying that whatever food kink you may have, we don’t judge.

That said, we do have some serious reservations when it comes to bringing the kitchen into the bedroom. Anything too hot could result in serious burns, and anything too cold could lead to serious shrinkage — those are very real problems, right? And pain aside, bringing food into the mix just sounds embarrassing, messy, and awkward.

Yet somehow, everyone wants to combine our two favorite pastimes: eating and sex. Cosmopolitan magazine, especially, seems to have an obsession with whipped cream, honey, chocolate, and some 50 Shades of Grey-inspired repurposing of kitchen utensils. And while we love whipped cream, honey, chocolate, and kitchen utensils in our everyday culinary lives, we might be a bit too OCD about our sheets to try these tips out at home.


So we’ve rounded up some of the most questionable food sex tips we could find, just in time to warn you before Valentine's Day (few things are less sexy than sexy things gone wrong). Read these, laugh, toss these out, and get your sexy on sans food (but definitely with some Justin Timberlake playing in the background).