Say 'Oui, Oui' To Hosting Your Own Parisian Party

On Friday, Sept. 20, Haute Cuisine, the true story of a former chef at the Élysée Palace, will premiere in New York and Los Angeles. The film is based on the story of Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch (the fictional character, Hortense Laborie, is played by Catherine Frot), a renowned chef from Perigord, France, who is appointed as the French president's (played by Jean d'Ormesson) personal chef. Though royal-sized forces threaten to oust her out of the kitchen, her indomitable spirit and unique cooking cannot be ignored.

There is something whimsical and elegant about French style, whether it is on the runway or in the kitchen. Chef Mazet-Delpeuch ruled the royal kitchen with a style all her own, and you can put your own twist on Parisian elegance with a party inspired by the prowess of the heroine in Haute Cuisine. Use these simple tips to plan a perfectly haute party:

The Menu:
Chef Mazet-Delpeuch seduced President Mitterrand's taste buds with her authentic cooking skills and you can do the same for your guests. Plan an elegant spread for your Parisian party that highlights comfort food with a French flair, like Parisian gnocchi or an elegant artisanal cheese board.

The Drinks:
Aside from fine wines and bubbly champagne, your Parisian party should have an array of interesting, light cocktails for guests to enjoy. You can work the French delicacy of foie gras into a tasty cocktail or serve sparkling fruity drinks for guests to sip on.

The Look:
Capture the elegance of Paris with the modernity of New York by playing up the very chic style of script-laden décor. Think sleek black lines paired with pastel accents to give you a pop of color and a boutique feel.