Sharon Vanegas of The Red Cat from Save Room for Dessert with Sharon Vanegas of The Red Cat

Save Room for Dessert with Sharon Vanegas of The Red Cat

We visited her kitchen to see the pastry chef at work

Sharon Vanegas of The Red Cat

Jane Bruce

Chef Vanegas’ history with pastry goes back to her roots. Her family is from Colombia and her aunt was a pastry chef there.


Jane Bruce

The plate is sprinkled with a little Hawaiian sea salt on the edges.

Crème Fraîche

Jane Bruce

The brownie below is topped with pistachio ice cream.

Hot Fudge

Jane Bruce

The final touch is hot fudge drizzled on top. "I love chocolate because there's always a challenge with it," Vanegas says.

Pistachio Semifreddo

Jane Bruce

This dessert is an elegant take on a hot fudge sunday. 


Jane Bruce

In this dessert, Vanegas works with peach, ginger, and blackberry. Vanegas explains, "My favorite ingredient to work with is seasonal fruit because it is always the sweetest."


Jane Bruce

"I love playing with colors, shapes, and textures," Vanegas says.

Blackberry Ice Cream

"Over the years, I've realized that simplicity is the key to a great dessert," Vanegas says of her techniques.

Peach Crostada

Jane Bruce

This fruity dessert is whimsical yet simple and balanced.

Chocolate Drizzle

Jane Bruce

The Gianduja dish starts with a perfectly messy drizzle of dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

Jane Bruce

More chocolate? Yes, please. Vanegas adds a milk chocolate ice cream cake to the plate.


Jane Bruce

She spreads hazelnut crumbs all over the plate for tons of crunch.


Jane Bruce

Gianduja is the combination of chocolate and hazelnut, seen here throughout the plate. Vanegas says, "My favorite thing about working with pastry is that dessert is the last taste in the guests' mouths before they walk out the door."