Restaurant Critic Roundup: Denver's Post Brewing Gets Praise

This week in restaurant reviews, the Denver Post's William Porter praised the hearty fare at Lafayette's Post Brewing Co., writing "the food is robust, packed with comfort and not a few calories." In particular, Porter enjoyed a tender pork dish, noting that "a fork sank into a succulent interior. A spoon would have, too."

Pete Wells and the New York Times revisited the Chelsea Spanish tapas spot El Quinto Pino, which introduced a new dining room last fall.

In particular, Wells enjoyed the seafood dishes, writing that they are frequently "so appealing and out of the ordinary that dividing [them] can test your ability to play well with others."

The Insatiable Critic Gael Greene sampled the food at new New York City hotspot Narcissa, where she found chef John Fraser dishes frequently interesting, but only occasionally delicious.

"Would we come back?" she wrote. "Probably not... even though, except for occasionally over-salting, most of what we've eaten is pretty good and some has been exciting."

And on the West Coast, Jonathan Gold sampled Vietnamese food at Culver City's East Borough, where he mostly enjoyed chef Chloe Tran's authentic dishes.

"The collision of user-friendliness and hostility is key to understanding this place, I think," he wrote. "East Borough is odd enough to put even its fans on edge but friendly enough for a quick business lunch."





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