Prince William & Kate Middleton: The Royal 'Foodies'

Who says that Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't just like us? Yes, they have titles, palaces, and $55,000 wardrobes, but that doesn't mean that they don't walk, talk, breathe, and eat just like the average commoner does. In the September issue of Vanity Fair, Middleton admitted that she and her husband spend their downtime enjoying roast chicken dinners and gorging on episodes of The Killing.

In fact, the future King and Queen of England are totally "foodies". The royal couple enjoys eating the homemade links made with their sausage-maker. They opted out of hiring a chef to prepare meals in their Welsh home. Instead, Middleton does the cooking, and even goes to fetch the ingredients at the grocery store, herself. But that's not all Middleton does. Her love of food translates to the homemade gifts she shares with friends and family – jars of homemade strawberry jam and plum preserves.

So forget about the crowns, jewels, titles, and luxuries. Just think about the sausage, jams, and roast chicken dinners. See? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might just be more common than you would think.