Picnic Pants: Good for Eating on the Ground, Bad for Fashion

This Italian find makes picnic dining easy (and makes you look insane)

Italian company Acquacalda understands your most troubling dilemma while at a picnic: your outfit. How do you eat off of your lap in jeans? Enter the Picnic Pants, essentially a denim harem pant with a fabric flap, which make plate holding a breeze.

Still not convinced? The company web site offers its selling points: "Picnic pants take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface useful for consumption of a meal outdoors. Laterally pants have an orientable pocket for drinks." We're not exactly sure where this drinks pocket is, but the ease and comfort of the picnic pants-wearing model has us (almost sold).

Our suggestion: Don't let a bad pair of pants ruin a fun picnic. Grab the essentials for an outdoor meal, plan the menu, and most importantly — leave the Acquacalda pants at home. (If you're still really in need of picnic pants, Urban Outfitters has you covered for a more fashionable option.)