Maine's Sweetcream Dairy Launches Crazy Ice Cream Flavors Including Bagel And Cream Cheese

Biddeford, Maine's Sweetcream Dairy has gone flavor crazy this week with limited-edition batches of everything from bagel and cream cheese ice cream to pepperoni pizza ice cream. Those wild flavors, along with eight others, were created in partnership with local businesses. The result is ice cream like you've never seen it before — unless you've eaten cheeseburger ice cream or lobster ice cream.

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Sweetcream Dairy co-owners Jonathan Denton and Jacqui DeFranca told The Daily Meal in an interview that while they'd done collaborative flavors in the past, this latest round was inspired by simply eating at restaurants in their coastal Maine town. "The first thing we think to ourselves every time we eat something delicious is 'can this be applied to ice cream?'" they said. "We ate a lot of delicious things in Biddeford, and once we had a few recipes we decided to make it into more of an event."

The shop in the town of 21,000 launched 10 flavors last Friday, expecting them to last for a week, but since everyone loves ice cream, most had sold out by the next day. "We tried to get a good cross section of local businesses both young and old, and everyone wanted to come try their favorites," Denton and DeFranca said.

Maine may be known for its famous lobster rolls, but among the wild ice cream flavors are, as reported by the Portland Press-Herald, brown bread, black sesame, and cream cheese ice cream with everything bagel seasoning. They did replenish their supply, but this weekend is the last chance you'll have to get in on the weird food action at Sweetcream until next year.

There was tough competition among their dessert fan customers for the most popular unusual ice cream flavors. There was a tie between Reilly's Bakery butter cookie ice cream, coffee brownie ice cream made with Elements Coffee, and pepperoni pizza ice cream using ingredients from Pizza by Alex. If that pizzeria name sounds familiar, it's because they are collaborators on the acrylic-encased Forever Pizza, which we reported on recently.

While some of us still stick with the classic ice cream flavors like vanilla or chocolate, clearly Sweetcream Dairy is onto something with these out-there options. "This was probably the most fun we've had at the shop since we opened. We definitely plan on making it an annual event," the owners told us. If you're in Maine and feeling adventurous, head on over while supplies last this weekend, or check out 21 other unexpected ice cream flavors.