'Orange is the New Black' Party Ideas

Host a "chocolate and vanilla swirl" party to kick off the new season

Orange is the New Black

Summer is a time for relaxation, celebration, and binge watching shows on Netflix. There is no shame in sitting in your bed for twelve hours straight to catch up on your favorite shows. After all, who needs sunlight?

Thankfully, Orange is the New Black is back this Friday, June 6. There’s nothing quite like a whole season of your favorite show being released all at once. Talk about instant joy. And you know what will make you even more joyous (and delicious)? A "chocolate and vanilla swirl" themed party in honor of the relationship between Crazy Eyes and Piper.

Even though binge watching is usually a solo activity, having friends around can make us feel less like hermits. With them around, you can fully geek out in costumes of your favorite characters. At the beginning of the night, hand out duct tape shower slippers and Alex Vause glasses to complete the look. As for decorations, try a black and white striped tablecloth, or make a DIY banner with your favorite quotes from the show. For extra fun, hide toy chickens around your home and see if anyone can find them. Your friends will probably just stick around for the first two episodes, so you have to make those two hours delicious and fun.

In honor of the “chocolate and vanilla swirl” relationship between Crazy Eyes and Piper, we’ve gathered recipes for a full “black and white” themed menu to make your viewing party so delicious, it is almost illegal.


Just because the girls on the show can’t drink doesn’t mean you shouldn’t! Since binge watching is decadent itself, incorporate it into your drink options with a boozy milkshake.

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Don’t miss this perfect party finger food! Black beans and cannellini beans make a classier classic that looks as good as it tastes.

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Main Course

With three types of beans and hearty sausage, this chili definitely won’t taste like prison food.  Set up a DIY toppings bar so guests can have the luxury of customizing it in their bowl.

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The black and white sprinkles on these cookies will be your guests’ favorite part of the evening. Crazy Eyes would surely see this dessert as representative of her imaginary relationship with Piper: sweet and delicious.


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