Omni’s Simply Street Food Menu

Omni chef contest yields food gems

Famous Peddler’s Char Kway Teow is one of the winners of the Omni street food chef contest.

Tapping in on the ever-growing popularity of street food, Omni Hotels & Resorts introduced their Simply Street Food menu in January and The Daily Meal had a chance to taste the dishes at the Omni Houston.

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Available through March, the six-item menu was chosen through a contest that challenged Omni chefs, as well as chefs from Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) properties, to create recipes inspired by the street foods of their home regions.

As a result, 160 dishes from 56 countries were submitted. Eventually, three Omni and three GHA chefs’ recipes were chosen for the Simply Street Food menu.

With its diverse range of flavors, the Simply Street Food menu is an extension of Omni’s "Flavors of the World" culinary arts initiative, which explores wine, food, and cultures from around the world.

The Simply Street Food menu continues this program by taking its influences and flavors from Singapore, Brazil, Abu Dhabi, the Dominican Republic, and various parts of the USA.

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