Where in the World Can You Get Married at McDonald’s?

McDonald's Hong Kong

Would you ever consider getting married in a McDonald's?

Do you want fries and a ring with that? McDonald’s Hong Kong is expanding their “Love Forever Party Package” for couples who would want to have their wedding take place in McDonald’s. You heard that right. In China, you can get married in McDonald’s. The chain, according to Metro UK, boasts 15 franchises that can now double as wedding and reception locations since the practice started in 2011. You can also host your anniversary party and bridal shower there, too.

“We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating… McDonald’s is where their love stories grew,” company spokesperson Jessica Lee told CNBC. “This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s — to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.”

Since you’re probably dying to know what a McWedding would look like, the deluxe wedding package  includes a two-hour venue rental, McDonald’s character gifts for 50 guests, 50 invitations, wedding gifts, a pair of balloon wedding rings and balloon dress, a bridal bouquet, a cake made from McDonald’s famous apple pie, crystal McDonald's house, decorations, and an MC. If you’re lovin’ it, you can get all of that for the low price of $1,290 USD. But factor in the cost of airfare; right now, the program is limited to Hong Kong McDonad’s.

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