Paula Deen Buys Rights to Her Food Network Shows

Paula Deen’s online network has brought the right to the Southern chef’s various Food Network shows and appearances
Paula Deen Buys Rights to Her Food Network Shows

It’s really happening, y’all.

Earlier this year, we announced that Paula Deen will be launching her own online and mobile TV network, and now there’s more news on the Southern butter belle’s viewing experience: the network has bought the rights to 440 episodes of Paula Deen’s cooking shows and appearances on the Food Network, as well as unaired footage.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Paula Deen Network will begin to show the new and old footage as soon as the network itself premieres on Wednesday. The Paula Deen Network will be available via a subscription service between $7.99 and $9.99 per month. Included in this deal will be the 13th season ofPaula’s Best Dishes, , which never aired after the Food Network dropped Dean from its roster last year after the cook/personality’s alleged racism scandal.

"That's the beauty of what we're doing now. We have total and complete control," said Deen, about the acquisition. "If we disagree on something, we can discuss it right then and there. We don't have to put it before a group in a tall building somewhere. We can discuss it right there. It's as real as it can get."

The network will also air next year a new documentary about Deen’s life: including the scandal that got her fired from the Food Network, and her struggles with diabetes.

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