How are you Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Nutella?

How are you Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Nutella?

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Mmmm....Nutella.....Sorry, what were we saying?

What’s not to love about Nutella? The creamy, chocolate hazelnut spread beloved by chocoholics worldwide is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. There have already been plenty of ways to celebrate the chocolate spread: from Nutella bars that have been popping up at Eataly locations across the country, including Chicago and New York, to the Nutella party today at Madison Square Park, where Dominique Ansel gave out 2,700 free Nutella-stuffed cronut holes, epically combining two of the most famous sweet treats. Naturally, the line was around the block to sample the cronut holes, and they were gone in two hours.

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Even if you couldn’t get to the park in time to gobble up one of the Nutella cronuts, the folks at Nutella were giving away apples, baguettes, bananas and more topped with the chocolate spread.

(Will you ever love Nutella as much as this guy?)

Even though Nutella is officially celebrating 50 years, the earliest version of the chocolate spread was created by Pietro Ferrero during World War II who, because of wartime rations, had to use hazelnut to stretch his chocolate supply. And that’s when Nutella was born.

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