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Only 4 Percent of Moms Actually Want Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day, Survey Says

Mimosas and Bloody Mary cocktails were ranked the top brunch drinks among moms

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Opt out of a bottomless brunch, as 65 percent of moms said they only have 1 to 2 cocktails for Mother’s Day.

Making your mother breakfast in bed is a traditional way to show her you care, but according to a survey by Zagat, most moms would rather go out to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Zagat polled nearly 1,000 people across the country, with 71 percent of the respondents being mothers. Of those surveyed, only 4 percent claimed they wanted breakfast in bed, as opposed to 53 percent who said they wanted to eat out with the family, with brunch being the preferred meal of choice.

As for classic brunch foods, 43 percent of moms said they preferred eggs Benedict, followed by omelettes at 35 percent, and avocado toast at 19 percent.

When picking out a brunch spot this Mother’s Day, make sure to avoid loud, live music, which 31 percent of moms found to be the most annoying brunch trend, followed by communal tables at 25 percent and no-reservation policies at 21 percent.


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