Ariana Grande Gets Charged for Doughnut Debacle, Receives Lifetime Ban

After the incident, the shop’s sanitation rating was down downgraded by the health department
Ariana Grande Gets Charged for Doughnut Debacle, Receives Lifetime Ban

Charges have been filed against Grande, despite numerous reports otherwise. 

Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California, has decided to press charges against infamous doughnut-licker Ariana Grande, despite a number of reports to the contrary.

Appearing on a local radio show, shop owner Joe Marin confirmed that he had filed charges on Monday, July 6, and that the singer had been officially banned from the shop for life.

In the wake of the incident, the shop itself is facing scrutiny from both the Lake Elsinore Police Department and the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health, which are currently trying to determine whether or not any of the Grande-contaminated doughnuts were sold to customers.

The shop’s heath rating was also downgraded from “A” to “B.”

Meanwhile, the singer has twice attempted to make amends for her behavior, which was caught on camera and included not only the unhygienic doughnut disturbance, but a declaration — in the middle of Fourth of July weekend, no less — that she hates America. Most recently, Grande released an apology video that attempted to make more sense of her initial apology, which was dominated by a criticism of the American food industry. 

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