Taco Bell Will Soon Be Rolling Out… Frito-Shell Tacos?

Taco Bell has yet to confirm the delicious rumor that Fritos shells will be the new Doritos Locos

We’ll just be sitting here, patiently waiting for Pringles Tacos. Any takers?

Taco Bell may soon be rolling out its latest fast food innovation. After the runaway success of Doritos Locos and the sale of more than one billion of those giant Dorito taco shells stuffed with ground beef, it’s time for a new wacky idea. Business Insider revealed that Taco Bell may have leaked in a presentation to investors that the newest menu item will be a Fritos taco shell, made from the beloved crunchy corn chips. Taco Bell would not confirm or deny these rumors, simply saying that they will be updating us soon.

It is quite likely that a Fritos shell is the next big Taco Bell thing, since the beefy Fritos burrito hit menus this year (yes, a burrito stuffed with corn chips). Keep in mind that this all just speculation that comes from a PowerPoint slide during the investors’ meeting, showing a taco inside of a Fritos bag. The Doritos Locos are advertised in a similar fashion. A new batch of Fritos tacos may be just what the brand needs to stay current, since Doritos Locos sales actually took a nosedive earlier this year.


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