Some of the World’s Best Chefs Switched Kitchens for One Night During the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle


Massimo Bottura had a blast cooking in Momofuku Ko's kitchen.

Last Thursday night, the kitchens in some of the best restaurants around the world looked a little bit different. Chef Massimo Bottura, executive chef at Osteria Francescana, recently named the world’s second-best restaurant by S.Pellegrino, could be seen behind the swinging doors at Momofuku Ko in New York City. Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese Food cooked at Noma in Copenhagen for the night.So, what gives? This Wife Swap of the culinary world is actually known as the S.Pellegrino Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle, an opportunity for 37 of the world’s best chefs to switch kitchens for one day and host a new menu for their home base restaurant for the night.

Many of the Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle’s dinner events took place on July 9, including the eight U.S. chef swap dinners. The participating chefs not only cooked in an entirely new restaurant (and in some cases an entirely new country), but they also lived in their host chef’s home while preparing an eight-course dinner that would show off their culinary skills. The whimsical event is meant to inspire culinary innovation and keep chefs’ creative instincts as sharp as their knives.

"Gelinaz! epitomizes the daring culinary innovation that S.Pellegrino is so strongly committed to supporting," said Grant McKenzie, vice president and manager of SanPellegrino brands. "We are honored to have played a part in realizing this truly unique and ambitious project, working with some of the most talented and creative chefs all around the world."


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