Matcha and Alcohol Are the New Power Couple at These Bars

One of the trendiest drink combinations in the bar scene

The Thank You So Matcha cocktail at Boleo teams matcha with pisco, pineapple liqueur, Fernet Dogma, simple syrup, egg white and cream.

What ingredient is bright green, high in antioxidants, said to produce "calm energy" when ingested, and prone to punny names when included in cocktails? If you said matcha, the stone-ground, powdered green tea featured in a centuries-old Japanese tea ceremony, you are right on trend.


Matcha has been popping up in everything from muffins to ice pops, but its new place in caffeinated cocktails has an added bonus — the drinks help keep the night going. No nodding off at these Chicago cocktail bars:


For matcha with a view, Up and Up on the 13th floor of Wicker Park's Robey Hotel offers the Game Set Matcha. It's a complex up-drink made sweet and tangy with St. George citrus vodka, herbal yellow Chartreuse and flowery St. Germain, foamed with egg white.



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