What Is The Green Tea Diet?

Tea can heal you from head to toe. Regardless of which type you choose — black, white, or red — each has the ability to help your body in a specific area more than another. That being said, there is one type of tea that can do it all: green tea.

It makes sense that green tea in all of its weight-loss glory has an actual diet named after it. The diet simply calls for drinking green tea throughout the day. Predictably, it's called the Green Tea Diet.

Before you freak out and assume that people are starving themselves and drinking nothing but tea 24/7, we feel the news to assure you that this is far from the truth.

According to Med-Health, the Green Tea Diet aids weight loss by blocking absorption of carbohydrates and helping burn fat at a more rapid pace than usual. Though there are specific guidelines on how to follow the Green Tea Diet, in a nutshell the theory simply suggests to drink a ton of tea.

To follow the Green Tea Diet, here's all you have to do.

  1. Begin each day with green tea, starting with before your breakfast.
  2. Drink green tea before lunch.
  3. Drink green tea before dinner.

In short, you drink a cup of green tea first thing in the morning and before every meal. One day following this, and presto! You've completed a day's worth of green-tea wonder.